How to Make the Most of an Outlet Mall

outlet mall

A factory outlet mall is a retail location where the manufacturer has a surplus of products that they would like to sell. The products sold at these outlets are usually lower in price and are more affordable. In addition, these outlets are more resilient, diverse, and convenient than a traditional retail location. So, if you’re planning a trip to a shopping mall, consider these tips to make the most of your trip:

Less expensive

The popularity of outlet malls has been in swings, with some being located in the middle of nowhere, while others have recently sprouted in major cities. Now, they are dying out again. While outlet malls are cheaper, they aren’t always the best deal. For example, Vanity Fair Outlets in Reading, PA, offers up to 50% off the ticket price. It’s possible to save money there, but you won’t find the item you’re looking for, or the style you’re looking for. The mall’s cost cutting techniques may not be suited for you, however.

When shopping online, always check prices across different websites. The price at outlet malls is often lower than in regular retail stores, so you’ll be able to compare prices more easily. Another big drawback to shopping at outlet malls is the risk of impulse buys. It’s easy to get sucked in by the discounted prices and end up with a double-decker toaster oven, three off-white sweaters, and a cat costume for Halloween.

More diverse

Whether it’s the inclusion of more women’s clothing in the outlets, the inclusion of more LGBT people, or simply the inclusion of more ethnic or racial diversity, the outlet industry is evolving. The shift from warehouse outlet locations to modern, multi-brand outlets poses some unique challenges for retailers. In order to stay competitive, shoppers must embrace the new “normal” in outlet malls and adapt their buying habits to reflect this. In addition, outlet malls can no longer be limited to scratch and dent items, though they can still offer fantastic bargains.

More convenient

While outlet malls have increased in popularity over the years, they still don’t quite match the convenience of city centers. The first phase saw these stores tucked away in remote locations, then they moved to more convenient locations, but now they’re dying out. People have been turning to shopping centers that are more accessible, especially those with convenient parking areas. However, driving five hours to an outlet mall may not be the best money-saving strategy. Gas is expensive, so why waste the time and energy?