The number of tourists who enjoyed traveling to Seoul has doubled.

Last year, the number of tourists who enjoyed traveling to Seoul using Seoul Danurim buses and minivans more than doubled compared to the previous year.

The Seoul Tourism Foundation announced on the 9th that it has expanded its support by more than 135% compared to 3,511 people last year and 1,491 people the previous year using Seoul Danurim Bus and Minivan, which are projects to support the weak in tourism

The Seoul Tourism Foundation first introduced a lift bus in 2019 as part of a project to create a universal tourism environment for the disabled, the elderly, pregnant women, infants and companions, and introduced six additional minivans in July 2020 to meet personal small travel needs.

Since 2020, it has been difficult to operate smooth travel programs due to the influence of COVID-19, but it has actively discovered and responded to the demand for mobility support by supporting vehicles for vaccination of the tourism vulnerable.

In 2022, as the spread of COVID-19 eased, it spurred the revitalization of tourism with the weak.

First of all, 17 universal (barrier-free) tourist attractions were discovered and introduced annually. In particular, the Banil course, which was first attempted last year by actively collecting opinions from vulnerable tourists who complained of physical difficulties, was loved for introducing seasonal tourist attractions such as Bulyamsan Butterfly Garden in spring and Namsan Dulle-gil in autumn.

In addition, the Cheong Wa Dae shuttle bus, which was temporarily operated in time for the opening period of the Blue House from May to June last year, was used by 63,440 visitors and was greatly loved by the disabled and the elderly.

Due to the high satisfaction and demand of Danurim shuttle buses, inquiries continued, and the Cultural Heritage Administration also introduced a shuttle bus that allows wheelchairs.

In November, in response to the resumption of overseas travel, a new airport pickup Danurim vehicle service was established that could be used by both domestic and foreign wheelchair users, and about 40 foreign visitors to Korea used wheelchair lift vehicles.

In order to respond to various tourism demands, Danurim buses were also rented to non-profit organizations and organizations that carry out projects for the weak, such as welfare centers.

In addition, the Seoul Tourism Foundation actively collaborated with various private and public institutions using Danurim vehicles.

It signed a business agreement with the National Aviation Museum in April and operated hands-on tourism courses such as drone experiences for wheelchair users. For the visually impaired, a field video commentary tour course using various Braille and tactile parishes was developed and received such a high response that it received 99.09 points in satisfaction.

Since signing a business agreement with Hyundai Motor in 2020, it has continued to make efforts for three years to benefit the tourism vulnerable. Hyundai Motor Studio, Sky Park, National Weather Museum, and Banpo Hangang Park were operated as cooperative courses linking Seoul attractions.

The Danurim vehicle will resume operation in the first half of this year after analyzing the highly favored course, characteristics of each type of tourism vulnerable, and various types of tourism resources in 2022. 서울 가볼만한곳

Lee Kyung-jae, head of the Seoul Tourism Foundation’s civic tourism team, said, “There were many trials and errors in the process of introducing and operating travel lift vehicles for the first time in the public sector. However, we will provide high-quality Danurim vehicle services so that both domestic and foreign tourists can tour Seoul without discrimination.”