Wrist Pain Diagnosis and Treatment

wrist pain control

The wrist is a small, complicated joint made up of several bones and ligaments. It is also susceptible to a number of different injuries. While some injuries can be treated with ice and rest, others may require surgery or a wrist splint. In general, pain is an important symptom to detect in the wrist. Various causes of wrist pain can be found, including arthritis, sprains, or trauma.

Many people experience some form of wrist pain at some point in their lives. Pain in the wrist is often associated with injury, arthritis, or overuse syndromes. Symptoms can range from dull to sharp, aching, or burning. 강서구정형외과

Depending on the cause, patients can take over-the-counter pain medications or anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve the pain. However, some symptoms may be permanent, so a physician will need to perform an examination and test to find the source of the pain.

Several tests can help diagnose wrist pain. These include X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs. X-rays can reveal bone fractures, and CT scans can provide detailed views of the bones. Additionally, X-rays can show the tendons and other structures that cross the wrist.

X-rays can reveal osteoarthritis and other joint problems. Other tests will depend on the suspected diagnosis. Some of these tests are performed by orthopedic surgeons and some by sports medicine physicians.

An arthroscopy is considered the gold standard for wrist pain diagnosis. This procedure uses a pencil-sized instrument that is inserted into the skin of the wrist. During the arthroscopy, a thin camera is positioned over the joint to capture images. The images are then projected onto a television monitor. A small amount of radiation is used during this procedure.

Wrist x-rays can also be helpful in diagnosing arthritis. In addition to providing a detailed view of the tendons and bones, x-rays can also show any soft tissue disorders. Using this method, a doctor can determine the type of arthritis and make a more precise diagnosis.

In addition, an ultrasound test can be helpful in diagnosing tendonitis, ganglion cysts, or a fracture. Ganglion cysts are noncancerous lumps that can press against the nerves in the wrist. Large ganglion cysts can result in numbness and discomfort.

Patients can also undergo a Phalen test. This test can identify carpal tunnel syndrome, which is a condition where the median nerve passes through the carpal tunnel. If the diagnosis is carpal tunnel syndrome, a patient will need to have a complete neurovascular exam. 손목결절종 수술

Wrist x-rays and X-rays of other joints may be performed to identify if other conditions are causing the wrist pain. Additionally, a complete physical examination of the hand and wrist is recommended.

A physical therapist can give safe wrist exercises to reduce the strain on the joints. Changing the way you do a task can also be a helpful way to decrease the stress on the wrist.

Using a splint to support the wrist can also help reduce swelling and ease pressure on the joint. You can purchase a splint at many drug stores and medical supply stores. Wear it every three to four hours and use an elastic bandage to keep it secure.